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iFly Releases Advanced 737NG for Prepar3D v5


iFly Development Team, in partnership with Flight OneSoftware, has officially released iFly Jets Advanced Series - The737NG, exclusively for Prepar3D v5.2+.

This base package, which contains the -800 and -900 variants, isiFly Development Team's most advanced add-on to date.

Prepar3D v5 is an amazing simulation platform that allows for someof the most advanced flight modeling and systems simulation possibleon any platform. iFly Development Team has dug deep into the featureswithin the Prepar3D v5 platform to bring you these new features:

  • Supports Prepar3D v5.2+ and DirectX 12
  • Built around Enhanced Atmospherics (TrueSky)
  • All new high definition virtual cockpit models
  • Full PBR materials virtual cockpit based on the P3D v5.2 changes
  • All new high definition external models including scimitar winglets and much more
  • Ultra-high definition textures and display units in the virtual cockpit - VR compatible
  • New dynamic lighting system for the virtual cockpit (works anytime, day or night)
  • Ultra-resolution PBR material textures for the external models
  • New dynamic lighting system and effects for external models, supporting PBR and non-PBR surface materials
  • New iFly developed engine sound core system (engine sound and tone will change based on thrust, altitude and air density)
  • New immersive audio engine sounds (pilot view orientated)
  • New fully immersive audio cockpit sounds
  • Electronic flight bag with Navigraph terminal charts integration (requires Navigraph subscription)
  • Cabin light intensity control
  • New collimated HUD

And a lot more!

The product has been tested by real NG pilots to help maintain theaccuracy required for this simulation.

Extensive aircraft configurations are available via theconfiguration tool, including jet engine types, eyebrow windows, MCPvariations, and multiple wingtip configurations. Free liveries areavailable via the public Flight1 Library System.

The super-high resolution virtual cockpit makes the cockpitextremely readable on your monitor, and is an ideal simulation forthose that use Virtual Reality headsets. With the ultra-high detailsand sound engine when using a Virtual Reality headset, it's like youare really in the cockpit.


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