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Historic Airline Group February 2021 Update


A lot is happening at HAG right now!

Qantas: We have just redone Qantas Airlines. New,historically-correct routes for the Super Connies from1958, Electrasfrom 1962, 707 from 1968, B747 from 1985. This was a big project thattook quite some time to complete properly. This is a great time toexplore routes Down Under, for it's summertime down there now!

Piedmont: We deleted the old 727 routes and replaced them withhistorically-correct routes. We now have both the -100 & -200 seriesflights, representing 1978 and 1983 respectfully. Overall, ourPiedmont 727 flights have nearly tripled! We hope to redo the 737flights this spring.

Destination of the Month: Our destination airport of the Month forFebruary is Miami, Florida. Miami International Airport is the UnitedStates primary entry from the Caribbean and South America. Overall, itis the 13th busiest airport in the US, but for international travel itranks 3rd. Many airlines have used Miami as a hub, including American,Braniff, Eastern and National Airlines to name but a few. PanAm Fieldopened in 1928, centered near the threshold of today's runway 26R. In1931 Eastern began, followed by National in 1936. It was adjacent to asimilar field known as Miami City Airport, but the two were normallyconsidered as one airport divided by a railroad track. In 1945 thecity of Miami took over control of the airport from the Army, whomoved to Homestead AFB. Business boomed. The railroad tracks werererouted and runways expanded. Every type of Douglas and Boeing wasflying into Miami. From DC-3's to 747's, the Historical Airline Grouphas over 35 airlines flying to Miami International, 389+ flightsaltogether. Eastern dominates Miami of course, but almost everyoneelse has at least one flight to Miami.

Aircraft of the Month: The Douglas DC-8 (all series). Eighty-fiveDC-8 flights call Miami their destination at HAG. Remember, anyonelogging a trip to Miami in a DC-8 gets double miles!


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