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GearDown Simulations - Governador Valadares Airport for MSFS


Scenery of the Governador Valadares Airport - SBGV - for MicrosoftFlight Simulator 2020 totally recreated from scratch. It serves theentire east of Minas Gerais, in addition to Ipatinga and othercities.

  • PBR 4K and 8K textures modeled around the airport real and accurate sizes
  • Unique and exclusive details 90% immersion
  • Modeled Ibituruna's Peak animation in the city and hangars


Governador Valadares is a Brazilian municipality in the state ofMinas Gerais, in the southeastern region of the country. It is locatedin the Vale do Rio Doce and is located about 320 km east of the statecapital. It occupies an area of just over 2,342 km², of whichapproximately 58 km² is in an urban area, and its population in 2020was 281,046 inhabitants, positioning itself as the ninth most populousin the state of Minas Gerais.


The exploration of the region of the current city began in thesixteenth century, on expeditions like the one of Sebastião FernandesTourinho that followed the course of the Doce River in search ofprecious metals on its banks. However, the settlement was only startedbetween the 18th and 19th centuries, with the installation of barracksdesigned to monitor attacks by the Botocudos Indians against colonistsand traders who sailed on the Doce River. With the EFVM lease, around1907, the village was consolidated, whose location close to coffeeproducers and logging favored commercial development and populationgrowth. Thus, the municipality was emancipated from Peçanha in the1930s.

After the 1940s, the extraction of mica and precious stones broughta strong population growth, alongside livestock and trade. However,with the decline of natural resources and agriculture, capitalturnover was only possible with the inflow of income sent by emigrantswho went to other countries, especially the United States. Commercialactivity is the main source of income generated in the city, alongwith agro-industry and the processing of regional products. The cityis bathed by the Doce River made famous by Mariana's mud accident andhas as an important natural landmark the Pico da Ibituruna, which canbe seen from almost the entire municipality and offers the opportunityfor climbing and free flying jumps, including national andinternational championships of this modality. Events such as GV Foliaand Expoagro GV are also the main attractions. The beginning ofplanning for the construction of a new airport for the municipality ofGovernador Valadares began in 1959, with the creation of a plan ofgoals that established a series of rules, postures and future works,including that of the new airport. The airport that existed until thenin the city, located in the Lourdes neighborhood, was condemned due toseveral constructions in the vicinity that did not allow security atlandings and takeoffs. A new airport was already under constructionoutside the urban area. The work was paralyzed, but it was resumedwith the goals plan established by the municipal administration. Theairport opened in 1966.


In 2020, an airport renovation was announced with the aim ofmodernizing the airport. The renovation will cost a renovation of R $36 million and includes, among other works, the recovery of the runwayand a new passenger terminal. With the renovation, scheduled to becompleted in 2022, the airport will be able to start receivingmedium-sized planes.

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