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Gaya Simulations Releases Berlin-Tegel Airport For MSFS


Gaya Simulations welcomes you to Berlin-Tegel Airport.

Located a short 10 kilometers by road from the center of Berlin,Tegel is a bustling urban hub - and it's this proximity whichattracted Gaya Simulations to include it as part of their flagshipscenery range.

Blending with Microsoft Flight Simulator's excellent defaultcityscape, Gaya picked out Tegel with the city specifically inmind.

The skyline includes all of the points of interest you've come toknow from the German capital - add to that a high quality custom modelof the Brandenburg Gate, which they've created, and you've got aninseparable pair.

As always with Gaya Simulations airports, Berlin Tegel is designedfor best in-class immersion, detailing and performance.

Their artists have spent months trawling through documents, imagesand other primary sources in order to create the most compelling andrealistic recreation of the airport on the market.

The hub of the now defunct Air Berlin, Tegel is the perfect placeto perform some retro rotations - or if you're looking for somethingmore modern, perhaps try some Easyjet laps in the A320.

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