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Gaya Simulations Presents Florence Airport For MSFS


Benvenuti in Toscana - Welcome to Tuscany!

What better way to explore one of Italy's most revered regions thanat its heart in Florence, capital and most populous city.

Picked out with Microsoft Flight Simulator in mind, Florence'sAirport is just minutes from the city center.

Perfect for low-and-slow VFR scenic flights, or convenient touristtravel from abroad to and from one of the Renaissance's great hubs inaircraft ranging from 152s to A320s. Florence is also very popular forbusiness travellers.

An Italian hub for Vueling, and offering flights across Europe bothseasonally and year-round, Florence is the perfect product forMicrosoft Flight Simulator - offering a variety of airline and generalaviation traffic.

Enjoy a challenging approach and proximity to a beautifullyrecreated cityscape in MSFS with Gaya Simulations' trademark industryleading quality, there's nothing better!


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