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FSUIPC7 is being released as a beta-version. It is currently notpossible to purchase a license, but a time-limited license, validuntil the end of October 2020, is included in the download. We hope tohave a release version ready by then, if not I will extend the betalicense.

We are initially releasing FSUIPC for MSFS as a beta due to thestate of the MSFS SDK, and in particular that of the SimConnectAPI. There is still a lack of documentation on what is actuallyworking in this SDK, especially in relation to key events/control,upon which FSUIPC heavily relies.

There are several SimConnect updates planned in the monthsfollowing the official MSFS release. We will continue to update andtest FSUIPC7 as these updates are released.

A beta version of FSUIPC7 (for MSFS only) is now available fordownload at the following locations:

Server 1
Server 2

FlightSim.Com Interviews Peter Dowson
FSUIPC Official Web Site

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