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FSNAV - MSFS Next Level: Missed Approaches And Holds


Author Tom Carroll is pleased to announce the release of his latestMSFS 2020 eBook, MSFS Next Level: Missed Approaches & Holds. This 77page guide will lead you through the details of flying missedapproaches and holding patterns and will help you raise your knowledgeand skills for these procedures.

In the eBook, he explains how to interpret the missed approachbriefing in Instrument Approach Procedure charts and navigate from therunway to the missed approach fix using VOR, NDB and GPS. The bookprovides simplified instruction on the holding pattern entry andincludes flight examples of direct, teardrop and parallel entries. Tofinish, he demonstrates how to return to the landing approach to giveit another go.

Packed with over 80 illustrations and numerous MSFS flightexamples, the eBook will become a reference you'll use over and overagain.

The eBook is now available for the low price of $9 USD.

About: Tom Carroll

A flight sim enthusiast from the earliest days of MSFS, Tom stillhas a 360K floppy disk for the PC Jr. version. Long fascinated by thetechnical aspects of flying, he started planning and writing the firstbook in the series, Navigation and Flight Planning in MSFS 2020 soonafter the release of the software and continues to share his knowledgewith a new generation of flight sim enthusiasts.

Tom is also the author of the 2020 novel, Simple Sarah - ASpiritual Adventure, now available on Amazon. All profits from thebook are donated to the charity organization, Feeding America.

Purchase FSNAV - MSFS Next Level: Missed Approaches & Holds

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