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FSimStudios Previews Vancouver For MSFS


We are taking a couple of days off from working on Vancouver forP3D to play around with MSFS2020. Lots of work is yet to be donebefore the MSFS version comes out, as the scenery has to be optimizedfor the new render engine - the screen shots shown here are just aquick export of the original 3D models.

Vancouver for P3Dv4 and v5 is coming soon. We are a bit delayed dueto a number of reasons, but it will be released within the next fewweeks. Expect screen shots on P3D in a few days. No comments regardingpricing, as we are still analyzing what would be the best pricingstrategy for customers, but we are committed to offering upgrade pathsonce the MSFS version is released. Our focus for the next few monthsremains on P3D, and progressively switching towards MSFS.

Note: These are very early WIP shots in MSFS.



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