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FS2Crew Releases Pushback Express v1.2 For MSFS


Big FS2Crew - Pushback Express NOTAM!

Pushback Express v1.2 for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator hasjust been released!

Change Log for V1.2:

1. Free Voice Control! (Supports English US, UK and AU) for theMicrosoft Flight Simulator version. You can also speak in nativeGerman, French and Spanish! Voice Control is optional. You can stilluse Menu Control.

Note: These are all the languages supported by the Microsoft SpeechRecognition system. We'd love to do Russian and Italian, but I'mafraid Microsoft just doesn't support those languages for speechrecognition.

If you want to know what Voice Control looks like in action, justwatch the video.

2. Minor bug fixes.

Very important: you must uninstall the old version prior toinstalling Version 1.2! Do NOT forget to do that!

Have a great weekend, and enjoy "talking" to your new ground crewin MSFS. The ground crew guy is quite the conversionalist, just don'texpect to discuss Wittgenstein or anything. Next item on our to-dolist for Pushback Express is getting our animated people operationalin MSFS...

Purchase FS2Crew - Pushback Express for MSFS

FlightSim.Com Store Customers: If you purchased this already,all you need to do to upgrade is login to your store account, clickon "My Account" to find the download link and then download and installagain. Do make sure to uninstall the previous version first.

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