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FS2Crew Pushback Express Update V2.2.3 Big New Feature


FS2Crew Friends, we have two big announcements this fine holiday season!

1. The new Product Manager is now online. From now on, you'll bedownloading MSFS FS2Crew products via the Product Manager, not viayour on-line account.

This is a much better system than before. It's way easier to getupdates now.

Product Manager Download Link

(If it doesn't run, check your Firewall/Antivirus. Sometimes theycan block programs.)

2. FS2Crew for the FBW A32NX and Pushback Express have beenupdated. You can update them via the Product Manager.

This biggest change is in PBE, however, and it's for "DISTANCEPUSHBACK" mode.

We've added an arrow to mark the taxiway line. It allows you toeasily set the final pushback heading and turn point.

No one else in MSFS can currently do this.

MSFS has a lot of limits, and we're adapting and overcoming them fast.

This new update brings us pretty close to automatic pushbacks,which is what most users really want above all else.

We suspect from now own no one will use Rudder Control Mode anymore.

Everyone will be using "Distance Pushback Mode", which will be big change from before!

At any rate, watch the video! I demonstrated it!


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