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FS2Crew Pushback Express Public Beta Available


A public beta version of FS2Crew: Pushback Expressfor owners may be downloaded via this link:


Major changes include:

  1. Virtual Reality support (MSFS ToolBar Integration). Functionslike VOICE ASSIST, etc, can now be run directly inside the MSFSToolbar via the FS2Crew Command Center.
  2. If using DISTANCE PUSHBACK MODE, users now place a visual flag (aMarshaller model) on the target taxiway location to help the tugautomatically pushback the aircraft to the taxiway. It's not 100percent automatic, though, users will still need to enter an offsetvalue for their aircraft), but it's much better than the oldsystem.

Pushback Express is a professional pushback utility for MSFS thatallows users to interact with the tug using voice or button control.It supports multiple languages - English, French, German andSpanish.

Pushback Express is available at the FlightSim.Com Store.

Purchase FS2Crew - Pushback Express v2 for MSFS 2020

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