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FS2Crew Product Status Update


This will take the place of the Weekend update!

PRODUCT MANAGER: Version 0.4 is now available. It adds theability to uninstall as well as install. It also makes some otherchanges. The Product Manager will auto update when you run it.

Issue with users using the "PREVIEW/INSIDER" build of Windows 11:We think we know what the issue is now after having some users run atest with a log. It appears Microsoft deprecated a feature we use inthe preview/insider build. We'll address this asap.

RAAS for MSFS: I just did some tests on it. It's workingvery good, but there a couple issues I found that need to resolvedbefore we can release it to the Beta Team. We are trying very hard torelease RAAS before the end of the year.

FBW A32NX: Updates incoming, mostly minor stuff.

Pushback Express: We've made very good progress onautomating Distance Pushback mode even more so you don't need to enteran aircraft offset when setting the Arrow over the taxiway. Thismakes PBE kinda like Better Pushback for X-Plane with this newfunctionality. Update incoming.

UGCX 2.3 Final: After RAAS is released, we're dedicating asolid week to pushing out UGCX 2.3 Final. The 2.3 UGCX beta has a fewbugs which we want to clear away.

CRJ for MSFS: Coming after releasing UGCX 2.3 Final. TheCRJ should come pretty quick, because with the FBW A320 version whichmanaged to establish a very "solid system" in MSFS. So it's no longera matter of learning and experimenting in MSFS anymore. We can justgo ahead and "do it".

PMDG 737 for MSFS: Probably coming after the CRJ. Itdepends on when PMDG releases it and what's happening on their SDKfront. Could be soon. Could be later. It all depends on TeamPMDG.

Discord Server: We've joined the 21st century and created aDiscord Server. We'd like you to join it! Here's the link:https://discord.gg/ZJ4HKx727m

Predictions For Next Year

2022 will be big. We're going to see a lot of complex 3rd partyplanes becoming available for MSFS, and of course it's not realisticto fly them single pilot, so we have our work cut out for us!

And thank you all for supporting FS2Crew!

FS2Crew products are available at the FlightSim.Com Store

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