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FS2Crew News On Pushback Express For A32NX


Exciting news for Pushback Express users for MSFS andvirtual reality:

Last week brought you Virtual Realty / Command Center integrationfor FS2Crew: FBW A32NX along with a host of other improvements,especially in the joystick/keyboard handing department. This weekwe're bringing you the same thing to Pushback Express!

If you're using FS2Crew for the FBW A32NX, please use the latestpublic beta version. If you just purchased FS2Crew, remember that thedownload file for the public beta is not the same file as the one inyour account.

You need to use the public beta links!



1. This is the download link for the latest FBW and PBE public betas.

Download Link

2. You do not need to uninstall them first.

3. You need to own a legal copy of FS2Crew to use the public betas.

4. The public betas for FBW and PBE are very solid. We stronglysuggest using them -but remember they are still technically publicbetas.

5. After installing for the 1st time, you may see the FS2Crew PBEpanel appears way too big (huge black rectangular area... don't sendme a support ticket!).

Instead, move or hide the panel. Behind the big panel window is amessage box asking you to give admin rights to our server that we usecontrol the Command Center.

After you click "YES" for giving the FS2Crew server that requiredadmin permissions, the FS2Crew panel will return to normal size.

6. Due to a tech limit, we cannot currently auto size the FS2CrewCommand Center panel. You will need to manually enlarge it toaccommodate the various FS2Crew buttons and text boxes.

7. You must "Launch" FS2Crew (Pushback Express or Flight Crew A320)every time you want to run the program, even if you see the extrasub-panel commands.

The original stand-alone FS2Crew panel (the one you're used toseeing that does not reside in the Command Center Tool Bar) must stillbe allowed to run. However, you can keep it minimized if you justwant to use the Command Center so that way you don't have to see it.

To minimize the FS2Crew panel, click the PIN icon, then press theyellow minimize icon (yellow circle button.

9. PBE now features a brand new function never before seen. Asmentioned, we're learning new things about MSFS everyday. And onething we discovered was how to control and place ground objects.

That said, if you're in "Distance Pushback" mode, but you can'teyeball the distance to the taxiway line, you can now use a Marshallericon as a "market flag" so to speak.

The marshaller can be toggled on / off using the buttons shownbelow in the screen shot, and you can set the distance at which hewill appear. The represents the point at which the airplane willturn. We'll see if we can find a way to compute the turn radius soyou can put the marshaller right on the taxi way line to give you amore accurate distance push.

However, it's a neat little trick we hope will improve your"Distance Pushbacks" so you can get closer to the taxiway line.

Screen shot showing the new VR/Command Center integration withPushback Express along with the Distance Pushback "turn point" flag(marshaller model).

As you can see, the ASSIST panel is shown in the Tool Bar / CommandCenter. If using Voice Control, you don't need to memorize anyphrases. Just speak what's listed in the ASSIST panel.

It supports multiple languages (English, French, German and Spanish).

Purchase FS2Crew - Pushback Express for MSFS v2

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