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FS2Crew - iFly 737NG Edition For P3D v4


The iFly 737NG is one of the most popular add-ons available forFlight Simulator. Now you can enjoy your FS2Crew airline crewsimulation and the iFly 737NG together in a P3D 64 bit environment!This product includes Voice and Button Control.


  • Real-world B737NG SOPs tested and designed by an active B737 captain
  • Voice and Button Control options
  • Direct and seamless integration owing to the iFly's very powerful SDK (no keypresses or simulated mouse clicks used for FO interaction)
  • 737 Normal Checklists
  • B737 specific crew flows (Captain and FO, PF and PM)
  • FA interaction
  • Start crew/pushback interaction
  • Cabin announcements
  • Captain PAs
  • External ground/air starts (cross bleed engine starts)
  • Bleeds off takeoffs and landings
  • Departure profiles (NADP 1 and NADP 2)
  • Various approach profiles and Missed Approaches
  • Turn-arounds/thru-flights
  • De-Icing at the gate or pad
  • Circuits/touch and goes
  • High altitude airport procedures
  • External Air/GPU handling (engine start and pushback/gate arrival)

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