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FS2Crew - Aerosoft CRJ Edition


Make your Aerosoft CRJ flights deeper, more immersive!

The Aerosoft CRJ is by far the best and most realistic CRJsimulation on the market.,/p>

But now it's time to take your CRJ flights to the next level!

Designed in close consultation with a real-world CRJ First Officer,FS2Crew for the Aerosoft CRJ is a "must-have" add-on for all seriousCRJ pilots who want to fly in a realistic way using multi crewprocedures!


  • Voice and Button Control options
  • Procedures modelled on real-world CRJ procedures from a current CRJ First Officer
  • Seamless integration with the Aerosoft CRJ
  • Real CRJ Checklists and Flows
  • Multiple config options for flight customization
  • Turn-arounds
  • FA and ground crew integration
  • Rejected Takeoffs and Missed Approaches
  • Turn-arounds/Thru-Flights

Purchase FS2Crew - Aerosoft CRJ Edition
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