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FS Academy - Voyager Major Update


FS Academy - Voyager is now fully updated andexpanded as complete bush trips with Jeppesen Charts.

Take in our breath-taking world by embarking on a series of 7 BushTrips across some of the most iconic locations. Cruise past theskyscrapers of NYC, gaze deep into the Grand Canyon and try not to getwet as you circle Niagara Falls, taking full advantage of thefantastic USA World scenery in MSFS.


Commence your bush trip and choose your own weather, season andtime of day.

Or load one of the included Voyager flight plans to choose anotheraircraft. Fully flexible!

Built by a real airline captain, these authentically constructedroutes take you around the globe to discover the wonders that awaityou, complete with authentic Jeppesen Charts to show you the way.

Get up close and personal at low level and see the glorious Earthnever before presented with such incredible detail in a FlightSimulator. Find your way by looking out the window, steering headings,stopwatch in hand.

Turn the pages of the expansive manual to learn more aboutaltimetry, cruising levels, weather reports and much more!


The Alps

Embark upon a journey through the Austrian, Swiss and FrenchAlps. Starting at scenic Innsbruck, keep an eye out for glaciers asyou cruise through deep valleys between the magnificent mountainpeaks. Tour Zurich and Geneva before heading into France towards PaulRichard race circuit.

560 nm

Canary Islands

The volcanic Canary Islands are a hugely popular winter sundestination. Take a tour around Lanzarote with its Martian landscapebefore making several crossings between these stunning islands. Circlethe impressive Mt Teide of Tenerife and discover these islands likenever before.

500 nm

Florida Keys

Pass alongside the impressive Cape Canaveral and track the Floridacoast over Fort Lauderdale, downtown Miami, the Ocean Reef Club andthen follow the Florida Keys to Key West.

335 nm

The Gold Coast

The Australian Gold Coast is a major destination for people theworld over. Famed for its expansive beaches. Circle around Sydney andtake in the iconic skyline.

450 nm

NYC to Toronto

Leave the bustling New York City up the Hudson to embark on a crosscountry adventure taking you through glorious green countryside dottedwith towns and cities. View the spectacular Niagara Falls from a newvantage point before making the border crossing to Canada.

510 nm

New Zealand

Tour the beautiful North Island of New Zealand. With relativelyquiet skies and plenty of open space, head North to South over thismarvellously varied countryside. Complete with coastline, mountainranges and major cities. Kia Ora!

490 nm


LA to Bryce Canyon

Cross the stunning landscapes spanning Nevada, Arizona and Utah onthis memorable journey out of LA. Pass the scorching heat of DeathValley, the vibrant sprawl of Las Vegas, look deep into the iconicGrand Canyon and complete your journey at Bryce Canyon.

690 nm

You won't get this experience cruising at FL380!

It's a wonderful world, and it's waiting for you...


FlightSim.Com Store Customer Updates

If you already bought this product from the FlightSim.Com Store gettingthe update is easy. Just login to your store account and click on "MyAccount". There you will find download links for all your purchases whichyou can use at any time. Just download this product again to get thelatest version.

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