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FS Academy - Jetliner for MSFS v1.2 Released


Changelog v1.2

Minor update for Sim Update 6 compatibility, plus minor changes to dialog and addition of Flight Duration in briefing screen.

About FS Academy - Jetliner

Jetliner is an all-new, study-level mission packageto introduce you to airline operations and jet aircraft.

Brought to you by a real A320 captain, Jetliner provides anauthentic and realistic environment to learn how to handle the bigjets, using genuine Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) andtechniques used by the professionals.

Commence your journey into airline flying first by joining us on afull sector from London Gatwick to Barcelona. The trip is divided intodedicated missions to discuss and demonstrate each phase of flight,from Taxi-Out to Taxi-In. We then move on to explore abnormals andmore complex scenarios.



Guided step-by-step by your Airbus Captain, learn how to handle apassenger jet authentically so you can go forwards and apply realprocedures to your airline flights, knowing you're doing it asrealistically as possible.

Each mission has accompanying theory, found in the comprehensiveground school manual. Learn the theory before you take to the skiesand practice it for yourself by performing a complex departure fromone of the world’s most challenging airports.



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