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FS Academy – VFR: Mission Packs for MSFS v1.3


Changelog v1.3 - Major Overhaul

  • Onscreen objectives
  • Visible markers
  • Trigger enhancements, refinements and additions
  • Added map for lesson 4
  • Intro and outro cinematics
  • Instructor now notices excessive bank, pitch, etc.

About FS Academy - VFR

Flight training missions return, all new and better than ever, withFS Academy - VFR for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

VFR is an all-new, study-level package to coach you step-by-stepinto the varied and rewarding world of flying visually under VisualFlight Rules.

Brought to you by a real airline captain, VFR gives you theauthentic knowledge and teaches you how to fly like the professionalsto get maximum realism and authenticity from your flight simulation,covering ATC, airspace, circuits, mountain flying, cross-countrynavigation and more.


Mirroring a real flight training course, VFR harnesses thefantastic new world within MSFS, combining as a fully authentictraining experience, covering a host of aircraft and locations.

Use VFR Maps and Jeppesen charts to find your way as youtravel cross-country with your instructor guiding you every step ofthe way through a series of 12 authentic missions. Start with thebasics before being let loose on a series of short solo bush-trips andsitting your virtual Skills Test with an examiner.

The skills you will learn are transferable to practically any lightaircraft and environment, as we will conduct our lessons in variedlocations across the globe, using the local flying rules andprocedures to give you the broadest international skillsetpossible.


Each mission has accompanying theory, found in the comprehensiveground school manual. Learn the theory before you take to theskies and practice it for yourself with the help of yourinstructor.

FS Academy - VFR is accompanied by a comprehensive 70+ page groundschool manual, covering a host of topics to boost your backgroundknowledge before you take to the skies, including:

  • Principles of Flight
  • Lift + Drag
  • Visual Reference Points
  • Includes VFR Maps + Charts
  • Normal and Low Circuit procedures
  • Go-around + Touch and Go
  • Airspace classifications and night-time differences
  • VFR Rules of the Air
  • Overhead Join
  • Failure management
  • Valley flying

and more!

A crucial skill for any pilot, it's time to up your game with FSAcademy - VFR.

Purchase FS Academy – VFR: Mission Packs for MSFS
Also available: IFR: Mission Packs for MSFS

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