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FlyMex Announces Mexico City VFR for MSFS


FlyMex announces "Mexico City VFR" for Microsoft Flight simulator(MSFS) with hundreds of iconic Mexico City buildings, monuments andlandmarks for you, enjoy a real "Visual Flight Rules" experience overthe skies of Mexico City and surroundings!

We have reproduced hundreds of key buildings, monuments andlandmarks for you to enjoy as you immerse yourself in flight overAztec land, places like; "Bellas Artes Palace", "Mexico City Cathedral" (The biggest Cathedral in America), "National Palace", "Teotihuacanpyramids", "Reforma skyscrapers, monuments and Iconic Buildings","Santa Fe corporate area", "Insurgentes Avenue main LandMarks", "Elcentro Landmarks" (including the LatinAmerican Tower)" "Iconic citystadiums", literally hundreds of buildings and Mexico City Area worldfamous landmarks for real immersive flight experience over one of thelargest city in the world, Available soon.





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