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FlyInside Bell 206 For MSFS 2020 Announced


FlyInside, the company that brought VR into the world of Flight Simulation with their FlyInside VR plugin for FSX in 2015 and realistic helicopters into Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 with their ground breaking Bell 47 add-on is proud to announce another extended-realism Helicopter for MSFS2020: the Iconic Bell 206 Jet Ranger. Long a staple in many versions of the Microsoft Flight Simulator universe, it was conspicuously left out of current releases. We've fixed that. It's back!

With 4K textures, realistic materials, over 100 real life recorded sounds, full lighting support (Night Flights!) and highly detailed model. And a spot on Flight Modeling system designed to replicate the*classic B206 flight dynamics for extended realism. It's the latest from the folks at FlyInside.

After the Piston Engine powered Bell 47G2 this logical follow on has smooth Turbine Power from its Allison 250-C20B engine. All engine parameters are modeled. Even the finicky Allison startup procedure. Make a mistake and you can "Hot Start" it costing hundreds of thousands of dollars in inspection and repair costs. Thankfully, we've thoughtfully added a "RESET" button to save you some cash!

All sounds were recorded in a real 206. Doors, latches, pumps, you name it... it's there. Just do a start up and you'll be hooked. Nothing quite sounds like a 206 starting up!

Inside, all switches, all buttons, and circuit breakers work and do what they are supposed to! A GPS, 2 Comm and 2 NAV radios with separate indicators allow for realistic Navigation. We've even given you a clock with stopwatch for timing engine cool-downs.

Full Night lighting package. Nav Lights, Strobes, Beacons, interior lights, gauge backlights all working as they should. Even the dimmers.* Flip on the Landing and/or Taxi lights and enjoy some night flights!

All flight control systems are animated. Main Rotor, Tail Rotor, and Swashplate just to name a few. All access doors fully animated with real 3d scans of the components fully viewable inside.

Flying characteristics are faithfully modeled, including the nasty retreating blade stall, VRS (Settling with Power) ETL (Effective Translational Lift), Translating Tendency,*and even the 2 per revolution shake when appropriate. Blade slap too!

Do full touchdown autorotations, hovering autos, run on landings... If you can do it in the real 206, you can do it here. All faithfully recreated.

Practice makes better. If you are new to helicopters our Helimanager gives you the ability to dial in extra stability until you gain experience. It's very rewarding to be able to push the sliders all the way down to 0 and have full on realism and maintain stable flight on your own. We also recognize everyone has a different system and external control hardware. Your joystick may not be our joystick, so we've added a slider to allow you to fine tune the sensitivity to match what you use.

Come get a copy and go on a cross country. See the sights... We know you'll have a grin inducing flight.

More pictures are available here

Videos available here

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