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FlyingIron Simulations Project Status Report MSFS/DCS


G'day folks! Dan here - today I'm excited to bring to you ourlatest announcements and news for 2022! I'll be announcing ourupcoming MSFS module, as well as teasing 2 more and then discussingdevelopment progress on the A-7E for DCS World (plus sharing somepreviews of the new 3D Model!)

Let's kick things off by talking Microsoft Flight Simulator:

MSFS: Announcing The F6F Hellcat

Mean, rugged & powerful. These 3 simple terms can only begin todescribe the beast of a machine that is the US Navy's F6F Hellcat.

The Hellcat is a beautifully designed, carrier-operated fighterthat is credited with destroying more enemy aircraft than any otherAllied naval aircraft and playing a key role in achieving airsuperiority over the Pacific for the Allied Forces.

The Hellcat is powered by a monstrous 2,000hp (2,250hp WEP) Pratt &Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp - an 18 cylinder air-cooled radial enginefeaturing a 2-stage, 2-speed Supercharger and water injection. Thepowerplant drives a huge 4m 3-bladed Hamilton Standard Constant-speedpropeller.

Key Features:

  • Incredibly detailed 3D Modelling & Artwork, with precise & intricate detailing of complex features such as the radial engine, gear bays & wing joints.
  • 10+ Historical Liveries, painstakingly detailed & textured
  • The authentic roar of the R-2800 Double Wasp Engine - professionally recorded from a real F6F Hellcat by the same production team that recorded our Spitfire sounds.
  • Wing-folding, Catapult Launches & Carrier Landing capabilities. Put your flying skills to the ultimate test!
  • Detailed simulation of all aircraft systems, including electrical & pneumatic systems.
  • Detailed simulation of the R-2800 Double Wasp Engine & it's many cooling systems.
  • Automated Flap system
  • FlyingIron Tablet UI Integration

And much more!


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