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FlyByWire Simulations Development Update


We'd like to provide you with a quick dive into the changes madetowards the A32NX's flight model as part of our developmentupdate.

The flight model has been completely revamped from the groundup. Incorrect physical aspects, like wing dihedral and sweep,horizontal tail size, and flight control surface deflections werecorrected.

Alongside the new engine model, lift and drag have been adjustedand will now provide more accurate pitch angles, N1 values, climb,descent times and distances, and deceleration rates.

We've employed certain workarounds to resolve MSFS limitations inregard to "ballooning" during flap transitions, incorrect modeling ofslats, and to allow correct modeling of the A320s CONF 1 and 1+Fconfigurations.

We hope everyone is enjoying these changes as the A32NX gets evercloser to a realistic flight model.


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