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FlyByWire A32NX v0.4.0 Released


The A32NX Project is a community driven open source project tocreate a free Airbus A320neo in Microsoft Flight Simulator that is asclose to reality as possible. It aims to enhance the default A320neoby improving the systems depth and functionality to bring it up topayware-level, all for free.

New Features

  • [CDU] Add "Closest Airports" page - @lhoenig (Lukas Hoenig)
  • [CDU] Add approach waypoints to DCT page - @lengyc0208 (lyc)
  • [CDU] Add IRS INIT page - @externoak (Externo)
  • [CHECKLISTS] Added several situations from QRH to checklists - @FBI#7771
  • [DCDU] Add basic functionality and display - @Benjozork (Benjamin Dupont)
  • [ECAM] Added cockpit door video - @Benjozork (Benjamin Dupont)
  • [ECAM] Added engine FADEC power supply logic - @tyler58546 (tyler58546)
  • [ECAM] Added messages related to anti-skid / N.W. steering being off - @Benjozork (Benjamin Dupont)
  • [ECAM] Added spoiler functionality to ECAM page - @wpine215 (Iceman)
  • [GPWS] Added Pull Up, Sink Rate, Dont sink GPWS with default sounds - @oliverpope03 (Oliver Pope)
  • [LIVERY] Bundle the FlyByWire livery - @devsnek (devsnek)
  • [ND] Added WX/TERR on ND brightness knob, fix ND/PFD brightness tooltips - @lukecologne (luke)
  • [OVHD] Implement additional overhead button/switch functionality (EMER ELEC, EVAC, air data switching, etc.) - @wpine215 (Iceman)
  • [OVHD] Implemented missing functionality for multiple overhead buttons and switches - @wpine215 (Iceman)
  • [PFD] Added the ability to display metric altitudes - @lousybyte (lousybyte)
  • [sAI] Added brightness adjustment and attitude reset - @2hwk (2Cas#1022 on discord)
  • [sAI] Added bugs page - @2hwk (2Cas#1022 on discord)
  • [sOUND] Added 3D emitters for all sounds - @hotshotp (Boris)
  • [sOUND] Added new sounds for fuel pumps, flaps, ground roll and rattles, touchdowns, and wind - @hotshotp (Boris)
  • [sOUND] Added new startup sounds - @hotshotp (Boris)
  • [sOUND] Added sounds for EVAC horn, EMER cabin call, mech horn, gear extend/retract, and cargo door - @hotshotp (Boris)
  • [MISC] Separated Captian and F/O displays - @tyler58546 (tyler58546)
  • [MISC] New custom display font for PFD/ND/ECAM/MCDU, unified CSS and colours of ECAM pages - @wpine215 (Iceman)


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