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FlightSimulator.me - All In One Ingamepanels MSFS


The most famous and powerful utility for flight simulators nowintegrated into your cockpit. All panels into a tablet. Please, checkthe Help folder of the zip file to read all documentation about eachapp. If you think that having so many panels in the toolbar is a messand you prefer to have everything better organized, this is the rightplugin for you. Have a hyper realistic tablet in your cockpit, justlike the real thing. You can switch between applications withoutlosing anything by pressing the button on the tablet. When you go backto the previous app it is where it left off.

No window borders for added realism. It can be resized to adapt thesize to the position in which you want to place it. All the panelsthat you already knew are now integrated into a tablet, with a unifieddesign and working at the same time, without losing information. Apowerful utility for flight simulators now integrated into yourcockpit. All Ingame Panels into a tablet.

All In One Ingamepanels includes:

  • Ingamepanel Oculus VR Panel
  • Ingamepanel CANVAS
  • Ingamepanel LandingRate
  • Ingamepanel PDF VIEWER
  • Ingamepanel PDF VIEWER 2
  • Ingamepanel Airport Info
  • Ingamepanel ATC Info VATSIM
  • Ingamepanel ATC Info IVAO
  • Ingamepanel VATSIM Map
  • Ingamepanel IVAO Map
  • Ingamepanel VFRMap Enhanced
  • Ingamepanel NAVMAP
  • Ingamepanel Navigraph
  • Ingamepanel Descent Calculator

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