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FlightSim.Com And DigitalThemePark Announce Partnership


Over the years you have enjoyed our forums, news, and libraries. Wehave expanded to provide you a place to fly and embrace thefriendships over the decades. We are excited to welcomeDigitalThemePark into our family. Over the last 18 years,DigitalThemePark has provided the VoIP, flights, achievements, andeducation for thousands of virtual aviators. Flights and events can befound atwww.digitalthemepark.comand you can connect your TeamSpeak3 client tots3.digitalthemepark.com.No port or password needed.

About FlightSim.Com

Founded in 1996, FlightSim.Com was the very first full-featuredflight simulator community on the Internet. While specializing in anextensive files library, it offers a full range of features tosupport the community including forums, blogs, reviews, news,tutorials, general interest articles, etc. A The file library containsover 200,000 files and grows daily.

About DigitalThemePark

Founded in 2002, DigitalThemePark is a multi-gaming community ofvirtual citizens. It provides organization and congregation of gamersthrough the use of Voice Over IP (TeamSpeak 3) while promoting theinterests of gaming, software, and hardware. DigitalThemePark usesdedicated servers "in-the-cloud" for all of its 24/7 dedicated VoIPand Multiplayer services.

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