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FlightGear Announces FSWeekend Hackathon


Since this year'sFSWeekend showcase is postponed,we would like to invite interested contributors to another VirtualFSWeekend Hackathon on the weekend of November 5-7th, instead.

You can read more about what a hackathon is, the setup and other details on Virtual FSweekend Hackathon 2021 - FlightGear wiki.

The hackathon is not only for hard-core C++ development. You arewelcome to participate if you want to sneak peek in core developmentor are working/want to work on related generic functionality likeAddons, osm2city, visuals etc. Your willingness to contribute andsocialise is the most important asset. There will be persons helpingyou out. After all: we are all constantly discovering how broad anddiverse the FlightGear ecosystem is.

If you want to sign-up, then please contact us on


If you have an idea, then please have a look at the wiki articleregarding Hackathon 2021 Ideas(https://wiki.flightgear.org/Category:Hackathon_2021_Ideas).

But you can also joint an existing idea and help move it forward.

We hope to see lots of new faces alongside the existing ones, soplease take a look.


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