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FlightFX - KPWK - Chicago Executive Airport for MSFS


Experience the perfect approach to Chicago with one of the UpperMidwest's busiest corporate and general aviation locations.

Chicago Executive Airport is home to 325 aircraft, including 57corporate jet aircraft and consists of three active runways coveringmore than 412 acres. Currently the airport is the fourth busiestairport in Illinois, playing a crucial role as a reliever for theregion, which includes O’Hare International Airport.

The airport operates 24 hours a day year round with a staffed ATCbetween 6 a.m. weekdays (7 a.m. weekends) and 10 p.m. The primaryusers of Chicago Executive Airport include private airplane owners,flight schools, businesses who maintain their company aircraft at theairport and major national corporations.

Special thank you to Austin Kroeckel, Nick Lill and Benji Gordonfor all of their assistance in keeping this airport as close to realas possible.



Airport Details At A Glance

  • 411 acres
  • Elevation 647
  • 3 FBO’s (Atlantic Aviation, Signature Flight Support, and Hawthorne Global Aviation)
  • 3 Runways - 6/24 is 3,677 by 50 feet (1,121 x 15 m); 12/30 is 4,415 by 75 feet (1,346 x 23 m); 16/34 is 5,001 by 150 feet (1,524 x 46 m)

Model Details

  • Over 30 hand-crafted custom structures
  • Intricately arranged Southeastern GA parking that's great for virtual fly-ins
  • On-site photography of all major structures
  • Design assistance from airport staff during development to ensure accuracy
  • Custom textures and ground signage on all taxiways
  • High-res photographic textures
  • 20k ground plane mapping
  • Includes well known, surrounding commercial landmarks
  • Manual unwrapping of all UVW maps
  • Custom emissive night-lighting textures
  • Bespoke details and highlights
  • Accurate landscaping
  • Natural, undulating runways
  • Hangar parking



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