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Flightbeam Studios Releases Auckland Int'l Airport For P3D


Kia ora and welcome to Auckland International Airport (NZAA), theheart of New Zealand and the busiest airport in the country with over21 million passengers a year. Located only 13 miles (21km) from thecity center, Auckland Airport is a massive hub for internationaltravel with destinations served all over the world.

NZAA is our most ambitious project yet, with a full airside surveydone in cooperation with airport officials and the most detailedterminal exteriors of all our products. In addition to hand-paintedclose-up details, you'll experience immersive details on approach ordeparture, featuring custom water-masking for the entire ManukauHarbour, and extensive autogen details paired with detailedphoto-scenery to the north and east of the airport. Packed all intoone, highly-optimized product designed to run as smooth as possible onyour system.


If you're looking for a nice freeware alterative for P3D, then whynot check out Auckland International Airport by Robert Catherall inthe file library:


If you enjoy the scenery, why not leave Robert a message in thecomments section.

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