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Flight1 Mystery Project For MSFS/P3D


One of the big names so far absent from the MSFS 2020 scene has been Flight1. It seems this might be about to change, as in their forums they are recruiting testers for a mystery project that involves VFR flying, geography, history and weather:

Flight1 is looking for a group of beta testers for a currentlyexperimental project (initially for MSFS). This request for testers isa bit unique as this project focuses on elements which are differentfrom products we have previous released.

To participate, you would need to enjoy these elements:

  • VFR flying...including low and slow at times.
  • World geography – Physical, Regional, Human.
  • World history (in general – not focused on one element).
  • Flying in different weather scenarios.

Some elements work in VR mode. If you use VR headsets, you canenjoy this product.

Here are some pictures that do not tell a whole lot of the story,but they were taken during testing:





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