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Flight Sim Labs A320/A319/A321 Update Released


Over on their Facebook page Lefteris Kalamaras from Flight SimLabs, has announced that the update for their A320-X, A319-X andA321-X for P3D v4 and v5 is now available to download:

A320-X/A319-X/A321-X - Update v5.0.1.151 now available!

I am happy to announce that our latest update (v5.0.1.151) for theA320-X, A319-X and A321-X for P3D v4 and v5 (64-bit) is now live andavailable through our download page.

This is a maintenance update which fixes several issues identifiedsince our last public release and in preparation for our upcomingA320-X and A321-X Sharklets products which are soon to bereleased.

In this release, you will find that we have expanded our InputControls management and handling logic greatly, to allow and includeall Airbus input device controls, such as dual side stick input, dualtiller support, spoiler and flap axis input controls, rudder andbrakes handling as well as more complete management for theThrustmaster TCA Airbus series of hardware (A320 side stick, ThrustQuadrant as well as TQ add-on axes, like flaps and spoilers, togetherwith the landing gear lever, auto-brake control and parking brakeetc). In the input controls management dialog, support was also addedfor slope and null zone handling as well as axis reversal.


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