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Flight Replicas Announces Super Cub For P3D v5


The next release from Flight Replicas will be this Super Cub(actually a former military L-21), made primarily for P3Dv5.

Still a work-in-progress, it's close to being done, to takeadvantage of all the enhancements offered by P3Dv5. This package willbe for this particular aircraft alone, and is not connected to theformer FSX Super Cubs package. The L-21 was picked primarily for itssuperior outwards visibility thanks to the military-style windows,with a modern VFR upgrade. There are many new parts throughout,completely new external-view cockpit, new textures in 4k (includingspecs and alphas), revised airfiles, and now you can start the engineto let it warm up by simply reaching in through the door before youget in (but make sure the throttle is full back - no parkingbrakes!). Or, you can now hand prop it, if you like.


After your flight, you can tie it down and put it to bed.

This will be an inexpensive stand-alone package. It will not beoffered for FSX or P3Dv4.5, as the FSX Super Cub packages already workthe earlier sims without issue. The new Super Cub will very likelywill work in those sims (but hasn't been tested yet) if your computercan handle it.





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