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Flight Illusion Launches Piper Engine Gauges


It's not all about Cessna or Boeing.

When it comes to gauges that are specific to an aircraft type,Flight Illusion leads the way.

Of course the basic six gauges are most likely to be the same, withmaybe some modifications to the airspeed and VSI face plates. But whenyou're talking engine gauges, almost every general aviation aircraft hasa specific type of gauge or even position of the gauges in thepanel.


With that requirement in mind, Flight Illusion has developed enginegauges (separate or clustered) for the Piper Tomahawk and Seneca.The dual engine Seneca holds an eight gauge engine cluster withoff-centered needles. The Tomahawk requires a single engine gaugescluster that contains four gauges. Specific fuel gauges are alsoavailable with sideways needles for the Tomahawk or even StewardWarner style gauges.

In addition to these engine gauges, you will also find therespective IAS and VSI gauges for Piper aircraft.

You will find the product page for Piper on the Flight Illusion website.


For more information on these gauges or a customized version ofyour gauge, contactinfo@flightillusion.com.

Flight Illusion web site

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