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Flight Illusion Launches A New Web Site


Flight Illusion is back with a new, comprehensive web siteshowcasing the more than 200 gauges and modules we offer. Thishardware is used by thousands of home cockpit builders around theworld in different kind of aircraft, ranging from a single engineaircraft, airliners to helicopters.

The web site is very easy to use. From the homepage you can choosefrom pictures showing exactly what kind of instruments are available(e.g. airliners, general aviation, helicopter). Or you canselect the aircraft category from the top menu and from a submenu, youcan opt for aircraft type, instrument type, controls and even fullpanels.

When selecting a gauge or a module, visitors can see the productpage with price, technical info, picture from different angles.

One web page is dedicated to customized gauges. These are often forprofessional customers, but even amateur cockpit builders can ask forcertain modifications to existing gauges. (e.g. modifying thefaceplate).

Manuals, drivers and software can also be download from thesite.

For more info, visitwww.flightillusion.com

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