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First A2A Simulations Plane Coming To MSFS 2020


I just wanted to say that as of yesterday, thanks to our brilliantMichal Krawczyk and Mark Smith, we appear to be out of the woods withAccu-Sim and MSFS2020. It goes to show that there is almost nothingyou can't do if you put your mind to it and don't give up.

Today for the first time, I took off and performed a bunch ofmaneuvers in the air, came back with a nice flare and landed in anall-new Accu-Sim Comanche 250. All major road blocks are cleared.

We were lucky, during this long dry spell of development the USmilitary has been making huge use out of Accu-Sim technology as thishas paid the bills at A2A. We have an Accu-Sim turboprop and turbojetalready on the shelf that we can use for any future airplanes, thanksto this military development along with a lot of cool avionics.

So now that we have this Comanche 250 in place we can properly planfor MSFS development. Keep in mind that being brand new tech, systemsand physics, it will take longer for this first airplane, which is whywe chose the Comanche 250 since we know it so well. But once thisairplane is out the Accu-Sim production line will be in place, so tospeak.


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