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FeelThere - TIST - Cyril E. King Airport St. Thomas For MSFS 2020


TIST public airport located west of the central business districton the island of St. Thomas has arrived for Microsoft Flight Simulator2020 developed by FeelThere team.

This airport is currently the largest international airport in theUnited States Virgin Islands and one of the busiest hubs in theeastern Caribbean, our favorite at FeelThere.The airport operates onemain runway, 7,000 ft × 150 ft (2,134 m × 46 m) long. Featuring twodeparture areas and 11 gates, the airport is fairly easy to navigateand services major international airlines, including American, Delta,JetBlue, Spirit, and United.


Interesting Facts

  • The airport was originally known as Bourne Field and was an airfield for the U.S. military. The Virgin Islands took ownership of the airport after World War Two. The original terminal was first built in the 1940s and called the Harry S. Truman Airport. In 1984, the airport was renamed after the second elected governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands--Cyril E. King.
  • Cyril E. King’s runway was expanded from 4,200-feet to 7,000-feet in 1992, making it one of the largest deep-water runways in the Caribbean.



  • High detail models
  • Partial internal model
  • Custom ground lines and buildings
  • Highly detailed textures, Physically Based Rendering (PBR), reflective and realistic textures



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