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FeelThere - KLAX - Los Angeles Airport For MSFS


FeelThere is bringing you as their fifth release for MSFS 2020,LAX, the primary international airport serving the always busy LosAngeles with four parallel runways.

As the largest and busiest international airport on the U.S. WestCoast, LAX is a major international gateway to the United States, andalso serves a connection point for passengers travelinginternationally. The airport holds the record for the world's busiestorigin and destination airport, since relative to other airports, manymore travelers begin or end their trips in Los Angeles than use it asa connection. It is also the only airport to rank among the top fiveU.S. airports for both passenger and cargo traffic.

Runways 24R/06L and 24L/06R are north of the airport terminals, and25R/07L and 25L/07R are south of the airport terminals. LAX has 132gates arranged in the shape of the letter U with 9 passengerterminals.




  • Custom ground lines and buildings
  • Highly detailed textures, Physically Based Rendering (PBR), reflective and realistic textures
  • Parallax texturing on windows



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