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Emerald Scenery Design Announces Bear Island For MSFS


I'll just leave these right here...

Yes. It's happening. Finally! Bear Island, Florida, for MSFS 2020.



I have started my native conversion of Bear Island for MSFS. Thescenery is planned to follow the layout of the original scenery forFSX and P3D. However there will likely be some differences, dependingon what I can achieve with the SDK. To start, the imagery is the same,however it has now been upscaled from 30cm to 15cm (LOD20) using AIsoftware. All of the features handled by SODE on the other platformswill hopefully show up sooner or later. I'm hoping many of thesefeatures will appear in the first version, but as I have yet to lookinto the dynamic possibilities of MSFS, I am unsure.


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