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Eagle Dynamics Announces Skyraider For DCS


We are delighted to introduce a new third party developer,Crosstail Studios, who are developing the DCS: A-1H Skyraider. The‘Spad’ excelled in the US Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force due to itsimmense payload and ability to loiter over the battlefield forextended periods. It also served with the British and French AirForces. Take a look at this Flying Legend now.

New Policy On Product Announcements

The Eagle Dynamics team has posted information in their forums thatthey've changed their policy on product announcements. This will meanmore announcements, but often much further in advance of actual releasethan previously:

In the past we generally waited until a 3rd party module wasquite far along in development; however, this has resulted induplicated efforts and inefficiencies. Instead, once a 3rd partymodule has a completed license agreement, we will now announce it toallow the 3rd party to “plant a flag†and avoid duplicatedefforts. Once a 3rd party project is roughly six months away fromrelease based on an internal evaluation, more news and updates will bemade available. Because we have several 3rd party projects indevelopment, and the change in announcement policy, we have had aflurry of announcement activity.


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