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Drzewiecki Design Releases Moscow Landmarks MSFS v1.1


A new version v1.1 of Moscow Landmarks MSFS by Drzewiecki Design isnow available. For previous customers, to download the new versionsimply log in into your account at the store where you've purchasedthis product. The update is published as a complete installer.

Please note - you do not have to remove the previous version inorder to install the update.

Changes In Version 1.1

  • Numerous new custom-made buildings (stadiums, highrises, churches and other landmarks) around the city
  • Custom-made airport ground layouts and lighting for UUWW Vnukovo and UUDD Domodedovo
  • Animated jetways at UUDD Domodedovo and UUWW Vnukovo (including custom models)
  • Plenty of various fixes (models, textures, heliports, meshes, vector data, installer, manual)

About Moscow Landmarks MSFS

Moscow Landmarks MSFS is a package of Moscow, Russia landmarks, andpoints of interest. It includes roughly a thousand of custom-madebuildings and numerous interesting areas of the city to explore. Thewhole central district around Kremlin has been custom-made as well asthe amazing business district with towering highrises. You will findplenty of orthodox churches with beautiful golden domes, hotels, trainstations, monuments, bridges, power plants, stadiums, towers(including Ostankino Tower, one of the tallest structures in theworld) - all in full PBR and with epic night textures. Additionally,an optional enhancement pack for 7 airports around Moscow is providedas well as ~30 landable heliports.


Russia is the largest country in the world. It is a federalsemi-presidential republic. From northwest to southeast, Russia sharesland borders with Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania andPoland (both with Kaliningrad Oblast), Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia,Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia, and North Korea. Most ofRussia consists of vast stretches of plains that are predominantlysteppe to the south and heavily forested to the north, with tundraalong the northern coast. Russia has about 1300 airports.

Moscow is the capital city and the most populous federal subject ofRussia. The city is a major political, economic, cultural andscientific center in Russia and Eastern Europe. According to Forbes2013, Moscow has the largest number of billionaire residents in theworld, has been ranked as the second most expensive city in the worldby Mercer and is one of the world's largest urban economies, beingranked as an alpha global city according to the Globalization andWorld Cities Research Network and is also one of the fastest-growingtourist destinations in the world according to the MasterCard GlobalDestination Cities Index. Moscow is the northernmost and coldestmegacity and metropolis on Earth, the second-most populous city inEurope after Istanbul and the 8th largest city proper in the world, aswell as the largest amongst high-income economies.


Originally established in 1147 as a minor town, Moscow grew tobecome a prosperous and powerful city that served as the capital ofthe Grand Duchy that bears its namesake. When the Grand Duchy ofMoscow evolved into the Tsardom of Russia, Moscow still remained asthe political and economic center for most of the Tsardom'shistory. When the Tsardom was reformed into the Russian Empire, thecapital was moved from Moscow to Saint Petersburg, diminishing theinfluence of the city. The capital was then moved back to Moscowfollowing the Russian Revolution and the city was brought back as thepolitical centre of the Russian SFSR and the Soviet Union. When theSoviet Union dissolved, Moscow remained as the capital city of thecontemporary and newly established Russian Federation.

  • About 1000 custom-made, MSFS-native, PBR-textured buildings andother objects
  • Custom-made Moscow center as well as other important landmarks -museums, palaces, skyscrapers, towers, bridges, railway stations,trains, ships
  • Optional airport enhancement package for UUWW Vnukovo, UUDDDomodedovo, UUBW Zhukovski, UUMO Ostafyevo, UUBM Myachkovo, UUMUChkalovsky and UUMB Kubinka (more realistic airport buildings, staticaircraft, vehicles)


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