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Drzewiecki Design Announces Moscow Landmarks MSFS


It finally happened - FS2020 has been released! And we are preparedfor that - our first product will be Moscow LandmarksMSFS, with about a thousand custom-made buildings of theMoscow metropolitan area - everything you would expect to see there(the default sim has only two custom landmarks). The product is ready togo and will probably be released tomorrow.

Regarding the Marketplace: unfortunately, right now the contactwith the development team is very limited, it seems like the MSFSforum is currently down. It experienced a lot of traffic as some userswere reporting issues running the sim, so this might be thecause. Right now we have no idea if only Orbx, Carenado and FlightBeamStudios will be able to use the simulator's Marketplace - even thoughthere are many developers (and customers) interested to have otherproducts available there as well. Hopefully, this venue will becomeopen to other studios too. Nevertheless, we are still able and willingto use all currently-existing selling platforms for ourdistribution!

We wish you a wonderful new era in the flight simulation world!

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