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Dominic Design Team - Tân Sơn Nhất Airport-VVTS for MSFS


Tân Sơn Nhất International Airport (IATA: SGN, ICAO: VVTS)(Vietnamese: Sân bay quốc tế Tân Sơn Nhất or Cảng hàng không quốc tếTân Sơn Nhất) is the busiest airport in Vietnam with 32.5 millionpassengers in 2016 and 38.5 million passengers in 2018. It serves HoChi Minh City as well as the rest of southeastern Vietnam. As ofJanuary 2017, it had a total capacity of only 25 million passengers,which has caused constant congestion and sparked debate for expandingor building a new airport. The airport's IATA code, SGN, is derivedfrom the city's former name of Saigon. It was the 15th busiest airportin the world in 2020. Of the routes the airport offers, the domesticHo Chi Minh City – Hanoi route is the busiest in Southeast Asia andthe fourth busiest in the world, serving 10,253,530 customers in2019.




  • PBR textures
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Real ground markings
  • Custom, painstakingly hand-crafted pavement, showcasing all imperfections including dirt
  • Custom jetway




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