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Digital Design Releases Tenerife-South V2


So far only for version P3Dv5, version P3Dv4 a bit later.


  • Aerial image for whole island of Tenerife
  • Slope runway and taxiways with support AI traffic (P3D5)
  • Using New High Resolution textures
  • Using PBR Materials
  • New 3D Model Ground
  • New Ground textures
  • New markings and updated parking numbers according to the latest data
  • New AFCAD
  • SODE Windsocks
  • SODE Jetways with support VGDS
  • Improve 3D Model Terminal
  • Improve airport vehicles 3D models
  • Interior modeling
  • Improve dynamic lighting
  • Improve autogen
  • Added new buildings in the approach areas


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