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Development Update On Indiafoxtecho Long-EZ


A quick development update for LONG-EZ for Microsoft FlightSimulator following feedback from testers and commenters.

  • The cockpit has been redesigned, so that the instruments are nowlarger and more accurate and the main panel has been redesigned(taking the traditional "big 6" instruments approach). Some liked the"worn out" look...others did not...but I like it and will keep it. Ihave also removed all non-functional controls items forsimplicity.
  • The outer model is done...but I am a little undecided about theliveries. The idea was to embrace the MSFS approach, that is havegeneric liveries with player-selectable registration number...so Imade a few based on real-world aircrafts. Unfortunately, the dynamicregistration texture does not seem to work for this plane, so may beI'll be switching back to baked-in registration numbers... In any casea paintkit will be provided.
  • We had a few Long-EZ builders/pilots in the initial test whoprovided interesting feedback on the flying qualities. In general theplanes flies well, but it is a tad slower than the real world one, andit is too difficult to slow down. I'll see what I can do to improvethis, but my target for this project is to have a fun sight-seeingaircraft that is easy to fly for everyone.



At the moment, it looks like the Long-EZ will be ready for the MSFSlaunch, but of course I'll test it for a week or two on the finalFlight Simulator Build before releasing.

Indiafoxtecho Aermacchi MB-339A Coming to MSFS

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