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DCS World Introduces Maverick Missile Update


In the 2.7 update for DCS World, the developers willintroduce space stabilization for the optically guided Maverick. Theupdate, going by the comments, is due out on the 14th of this month:

In the 2.7 update for DCS World, we will introduce spacestabilization for the optically guided Maverick versions using theDisplay Management Switch (DMS). While holding the DMS switch forward,the Maverick will enter space stabilization mode and allow you to slewthe seeker more easily onto a target. While in space stabilization,the Maverick seeker will stabilize along a heading, but will moverforward at the same speed as the aircraft. By placing the Maverickseeker crosshair over a target and releasing the DMS switch, theseeker will attempt to acquire a tracking lock on the target.


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