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DCS Update On Mariana Islands


The DCS team have provided some info on their Mariana Islandsscenery due later this year:

Slated to release in the 2nd quarter 2021, this map will first be amodern-day depiction, and it will include Andersen AFB and severalother airfields along the island chain. Combined with the ChineseAssets Pack, we see interesting single player and multiplayerpossibilities. This is still planned as a free map, and it will laterserve as the foundation for our first World War II Pacific Theatermap.

Andersen Air Force Base is a United States Air Force base locatedapproximately 4 miles northeast of Yigo near Agafo Gumas in the UnitedStates territory of Guam. Along with Naval Base Guam, Andersen AFB wasplaced under the command of Joint Region Marianas on 1 October2009.


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