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DCS Update on C-101 Aviojet Progress


Aerges has announced that the DCS: C-101 Aviojet has reached itsfinal version state in the latest Open Beta update. After finishingmulticrew and implementing the Combined Controls Mode, the module isnow complete. Product support, especially when it comes to bug fixing,will continue.

The Aerges Team are now gearing up to accelerate work on theirexciting upcoming new module: DCS: Mirage F1.

We hope that these project updates will inspire you to give them a try, and we look forward to sharing more on their development soon.


If you're a FS2004 flyer, why not check out the excellent freewareCASA C-101 Aviojet by F. Antonio Tena, and If you enjoy the model, whynot leave the author a comment.


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