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DCS Offers Details On Upcoming Mosquito


Here is a post from DCS explaining how the damage modellingfeatures of their upcoming Mosquito work:

The damage model for the Mossie considers the internal woodstructure of the airplane and uses each internal element of theaircraft - oil, air, hydraulic and cooling systems, engine, throttle,trim, and the airframes main strength spars and stringers to calculatethe visual damage.

We are now able to consider all these factors, which in turnenables us to more accurately simulate damage to the airframe and theeffects on the flight model. For example, damage to the wing skin willlead to a decrease in the lift and cause more drag, damage to the sparwill cause strength reduction and potentially wing snap under certainstrains.

We look forward to sharing further progress, please check out InDevelopment Screenshots.

DCS Showcases Their WIP AH-64D

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