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DCS Marianas Receives Large Update


Over on their Facebook page, DCS have announced that their Marianasmap is going to receive a pretty large update:

DCS: Marianas has received a large update that includes new islandsto the north of Saipan. These largely uninhabited, volcanic atollsinclude:

  • Anatahan
  • Sarigan
  • Guguan
  • Alamagan
  • Pagan
  • Agrihan
  • Asuncion
  • Maug Islands (North, East and West Islands)
  • Farallon de Pajaros

The update also includes breaking waves against shorelines, animproved seabed elevation map, a pair of new unique buildings, and anon-paved airfield on the Pagan island. This is in addition tonumerous terrain and road network fixes.


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