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DCS Announces Progress On New Aircraft


As the new year kicks off at full power, we are excited to announcesome splendid progress on the new models for the B-1B Lancer, B-52HStratofortress and S-3B Viking AI aircraft. We hope you will findthese In Development Screenshots interesting. The final level ofdetail should be impressive.




If you're an FSX user, you'll find excellent freeware versions ofthe B-1B Lancer, B-52H Stratofortress and S-3B Viking in theFlightSim.com file library:

FSX Rockwell B-1A Lancer:b1-a_lancer.zip

FSX Alpha CONECT B52H:alpha_conect_b52h.zip

FSX US Navy S-3B Viking VX-30 CONA:fsx_s-3b_vx-3_cona.zip

If you download and enjoy the model, why not leave the author acomment. They always appreciate it, especially as their models aregenerously given for free.

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