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DCS Announces AH-64D Helicopter


Perhaps our biggest new aircraft project for 2021, the AH-64D willbe the most accurate and detailed simulation of this iconic Americanattack helicopter. Like the Mi-24P, it will feature front- andback-seat operations in single player and multiplayer. Based on a 2002Block II version, the AH-64D will be armed with Hellfire anti-tankguided missiles, unguided rockets, and a head-tracking 30mmcannon. The early access AH-64D is planned for release in the 3rdquarter of 2021 and will be available for pre-sales as of February2021 with a 30% discount.

Note: Due to new Russian Federation laws pertaining to thegathering of information of Russian military equipment, we have had toreconsider our plans to add new systems to the Ka-50. We continue tomake the updated cockpit freely available, as well as a highlydetailed updated external model.


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